Collar Softie lilla

Collar Softie lilla
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Collar Softie lilla

Laget i kunstlær med looken fra nubuklær, med sikkerhetsklips.


With their plain and modest look SOFTIE cat collars suit every cat. They say, in an attractive way, to whomever your cat meets: I belong to a family, I am not alone. These cat collars made of supple artificial leather are the perfect accessory for your cat. SOFTIE cat collars are available in seven classic, vibrant colours. These include soft beige, brown and black, and for lovers of more vibrant colours there is e.g. violet, raspberry and turquoise. Because SOFTIE cat collars are so plain and simple, the beauty of the artificial leather shines through. At the same time, the simple-looking collars suit every cat, irrespective of the coat colour or pattern, and whether long-haired or short-haired. SOFTIE cat collars achieve their “final touch” through the incorporated safety clasp and the tiny bell. These elements are not metallic in colour, like in the case of many other collars. They are black and, thus, give the collar a particularly special look.