Uppsala Extreme

Uppsala Extreme
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Uppsala Extreme
The variant UPPSALA EXTREME is, so to speak, the Ferrari among dog coats. Thanks to the particularly light and warming lining with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, it is at the cutting edge of synthetic insulation. A special equipment that offers perfect protection against the cold. In addition, UPPSALA EXTREME is water and dirt repellent and antibacterial with SILVERPLUS® and BIONIC FINISH® C6. The closed abdominal side and the elastic fixing bands for the hind legs (variable in position and length) ensure an ergonomic fit. The collar of the dog coat is adjustable in width by means of an elastic band, and in addition to an opening for the D-ring of a collar, the coat is also ideal for »harness wearers« thanks to its waterproof and individually adjustable two-way zipper. The continuously adjustable waist belt with click closure guarantees full flexibility - and reflective piping ensures maximum visibility even in difficult visibility conditions. A high-end product for all those for whom only the best is good enough.
Størrelse*          Nakke                Mage
25                     25-36 cm            30-36 cm
30                     30-40 cm            40-46 cm
35                     34-50 cm            44-54 cm
40                     36-58 cm            52-66 cm
45                     38-60 cm            53-66 cm
50                     40-63 cm            63-67 cm
55                     42-72 cm            66-76 cm
60                     44-72 cm            66-82 cm
65                     46-74 cm            72-86 cm
70                     48-74 cm            76-93 cm
75                     50-80 cm            76-100 cm
80                     52-84 cm            80-100 cm
*Størrelsen tilsvarer rygglengde på dekkenet fra nakke til halerot.